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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Product Quality for making of Exterior Designing Buildings.

Exterior Building Designers: Alkover has grown respect and is being
applauded for the type of materials and products we use that remains
for lifelong duration.

For Aluminium Door and Windows work we use wide
range of Jindal series in 20 mm , 25 mm 40 mm, 34 mm, specially designed
in accordance to the Indian weather condition. Jindal series consists of
materials like Concealed Locks, EPDM Gaskets, Bearings, PVC, and
Friction stays for Openable Windows gives an elegant look to the Door
and Window.

In simplest form, Structural glazing are types of curtain wall systems
consisting of glass that is tightly attached or bonded to a structure
without any help of gasketed aluminum pressure plates.The structure
may use vertical and/or horizontal aluminum mullions or be a glass
mullion, steel blade, cable or stainless steel rod. Exterior part or
Interior part may use thrust silicone and/or EPDM gaskets, or a wet
sealed silicone instead of dry sealed silicone depending on the system.  

exterior building product quality

Different system of Exterior Designed Building gets suitable for
different types condition in case of Structural Glazing, Curtain Walling,
Strip Glazing,Patch fittings, Tension Rods, Spider Glazing with Fin,
Suspended Glazing and Frameless Glazing. For spider and patch fitting
we provide branded products from companies like OZONE, CLOSMA,

Aluminium composite panels (ACP), made of aluminium composite
material (ACM). ACPs are almost regularly used for external cladding
of buildings, insulation, and sign boards.

Mostly ACP part is used for both external and internal architectural false
ceilings, cladding or partition, sign boards, construction for containers,
machine coverings. ACP is also used in any form of cladding such as
false ceiling and also in partition, moreover ACP is mainly used for
exterior building cladding.

In Exterior Designing of a Building ACP Cladding is a modern way
and new Gen need for aesthetic elevation. For Aluminium Composite
Panel Cladding branded products like ALU DECOR ,ALSTRONG,
EURO BOND, ALSTONE.  Branded products like DOW-CORNING,
GE in weather adhesive is used for better result.

Wide range of 202 & 304 Stainless Steel railings is provided within
home fabrication facility. We  provide an option that we can also
fabricate handrail according to our clients specification which would make
it very convenient for our client getting railing done under one roof with site fixing.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Hello Everyone, this is Prosenjit Roy welcoming you to my Blog of our company Alkover. Here I
will share my views regarding the exterior decoration and designing of Buildings.

Our company, ALKOVER has grown due to their sincerity and assured quality and services in
architectural products ranging Doors,Windows, to Glazing and Cladding Solution.

We do works for aluminium door and windows, structural glazing and curtain walling, aluminium
composite panel cladding, spider glazing and glass canopy, S.S stair Railing, AMC aluminium and
many more.

We also provide the best estimated budget to do the work according to your requirements. We would
also love to share our views regarding your project, so that you get a good output with comparison to
the input.

Keeping in mind the Technological upgradation we have been delivering the dreams of Architect
come true and becoming the one stop for varied requirements all under one roof.